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"I am looking forward to the Big Red Roll + Stroll to meet other people with neuromuscular conditions and to learn about their experiences in life and to also share my own."

- James Dunstan

Motivation Wall

Bryony (Johns Mum)

I am rolling and strolling to honour and bring light and love to my beautiful boy John. And to raise money to this amazing organisation.

Roisin O'Hagan

"The Big Red Roll and Stroll provides the opportunity for MDNSW members like me to advocate and raise awareness for the community that supports them.”

Carolyn Campbell-McLean

"On Sunday 20 March myself and a group of my pals will be rolling and strolling along the Parramatta River to raise awareness and funds for MDNSW awesome programs like Peer Connect. We can’t wait for the chance to re-connect and have some fun after Covid has kept us isolated for so long!"