We invite you to take part in the virtual Big Red Roll + Stroll on a course of your own choosing. Create a team and invite your family and friends to join you by registering online and all celebrating together. 

Host your own Big Red Roll + Stroll with your crew on Sunday, 20 March 2022!

The kick-off time is 10:00am followed by a virtual celebration at 12:00pm and an afternoon full of fun. Be creative, take a lot of photos, post online, host a BBQ, an afternoon tea, or have a special take-away, play some games, sing, and chat, and we can all share in the fun and celebrate the day together as we roll and stroll at the same time.

Our team will be in touch with tips and support to help you plan a fantastic Virtual Big Red Roll + Stroll from home!

Last year the entire Big Red Roll + Stroll went virtual, and we had teams getting creative to celebrate!

Post on Social

Help us celebrate the MD community by posting your support on socials.

Grab a proudly supporting MDNSW t-shirt, wear red, white or blue accessories in celebration of people living with a neuromuscular condition (including Muscular Dystrophy) or in memoriam of someone you’ve lost. Snap a selfie or film a video clip and share your reason for supporting the MD community.

This is our chance to raise awareness for these rare conditions far and wide across the web. So do something personal or use our ready-to-use artwork below.

Remember to include your donation URL and tag #RollandStroll4MD and #BRRS2022 @musculardystrophynsw

Hit the treadmill, have a dance power hour, do some laps around the track or create your own obstacle course!

If it's wet outside you can still dedicate your fitness efforts to the MD community.

Get your team together or link up virtually for 3km, 5km or 10km on the treadmill, for a shared dance power hour, for some laps walking, running, or driving your powerchair on a covered track/indoor court or, create an obstacle course with different levels of difficulty. You, your friends, and family will love to design the obstacle course with the objects you have at home – street chalk, skipping ropes, milk crates, old pillows, mats, and anything you can walk, run or drive with your powerchair around in a safe and fun indoor space such as community halls, sport’s court, venue.

This is our day to celebrate our community so think outside the box and make it fun!

Do it your way - inspiration from our top teams

Host a Mini Big Red Roll + Stroll
Team Pig and their 25 family and friend team members hosted their own mini Big Red Roll + Stroll so they could still get together and honour Peter "Pig" Dalrymple's life and raise awareness for the larger MD community. Gathering together is important, so having your own mini Roll + Stroll with your team when it suits you is a great way to celebrate. 

Celebrate Indoors

Doing It For Micky team in Goulburn gathered their 50 team members for an indoor celebration, hosted by a generous local restaurant. They hosted their own fundraising games and activities, and shared stories and information about why raising funds and awareness for MD is so important. Why not get your team together for lunch - share your own stories and celebrate being together and connected to our larger community. 

Make sure to snap some photos + videos to share with us on socials #RollandStroll4MD and #BRRS2022!