"I would like to personally thank everyone who donates, you don't realise the financial stress it takes off our shoulders. Kamal enjoyed himself so much and, with your help, he will definitely be returning to Camp next year!"

says Kamal's mum, Dalal.

Kamal has Spinal Muscular Atrophy (Type 2), a type of childhood motor neurone disease that primarily affects the muscles for movement and breathing.

He was diagnosed at two years old and has spent most of his childhood in and out of hospital. But he doesn’t like to dwell on his surgeries for too long, there are more important things to talk about – like camp!

“I look forward to camp all year. At camp, I get to see my old friends, play wheelchair soccer, go swimming, and my favourite – plan for prank wars”.

“I also love swimming at camp, it’s the only time of the year I get to swim. I like the water; I enjoy the feeling of being weightless.”