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How support from
Team MD helped in 2019

MDNSW provided 4,214 information & advocacy sessions.

162 Opportunities for people with MD and their family on retreats and camps.

Connecting our community of 764 members.

Josh’s story

After being diagnosed with a rare muscle wasting condition at just one year old, Joshua’s family faced uncertainty. Today their hope for Joshua is for him to live a rewarding life, full of fun and opportunity.

Josh attended is first camp at 5 years old. He was excited about the adventures ahead and threw himself into all activities. He especially loved swimming and laser tag and came home full of fierce, new-found independence. His mum couldn’t be prouder.

At camp, Joshua had five whole days where he could just be a regular kid. No challenge was too hard and he learnt that anything was possible when he put his mind to it!

"He just GLOWS. He spoke non-stop for the first week at home about camp!"

Joshua's Mum