How to celebrate with MD?

Donating your celebration is an easy way to make a difference, through creating awareness and collecting donations. Our team can help make your celebration more memorable by supporting you as you ask family and friends to donate to Muscular Dystrophy on your behalf. We can help you to collect funds in the way that works best for your celebration and support you through the process, from online donations to envelops.

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Celebration Ideas

Birthday Gifts

Rather than receiving meaningless gifts many people are opting to make a lasting difference for their birthday by asking friends and family to donate to a charity on their behalf. Leaving everyone with the warm and fuzzies.

Wedding Gifts

Instead of having a wishing well at your wedding ask guests to donate to Muscular Dystrophy on your behalf. We can even set up an online donation page for you, so you have one less thing to worry about on the big day!

In Memoriam

Celebrate the life of a loved one by donating to Muscular Dystrophy in their memory and support people living with a neuromuscular condition.

Christmas Gifts

Give the gift of helping others this Christmas through our Christmas card program.

The Macaulay’s Wedding

Natalie Macaulay is one of our members living with Muscular Dystrophy who generously decided to donate her wedding gifts to help other people in the Muscular Dystrophy Community. Natalie shared with us the story of her life, love and her big day. “My wedding day was truly magical, and I never imagined myself getting married! We got married at The Crown Plaza in Windsor inside their small intimate chapel. We were engaged for 3 years prior to the wedding, so everything was well organised and paid for in advance which left our special day stress free”.

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