Fundraise at School

How do I fundraise at my school?

Pick a date

Choose an idea

Spread the word

Collect Coins

Develop acceptance and awareness of disability in you school community.

Hold a bake sale, BBQ lunch, walk-a-thon, Tabloid events, Dance-a-thon, loud shirt day, crazy hair and socks day, talent quest, Maths-a-thon, Superhero day or old book sale. Contact our Fundraising Team to find out how we can support your fundraising and work with you to create awareness in your community.

Chipping Norton Public School

A huge thank you to the legends at Chipping Norton Public School who held a walk-a-thon with a superhero costume theme to support a student with Muscular Dystrophy in their school. The SRC worked hard with the teachers to make sure the day was a fun success for all. They managed to raise over $11 000 through sponsorships and help of the local community. What an inspiring community!